Guiding And Tackle Sales

You will find attached to the blog contact deatil for my new guiding and tackle business. The tackle will be supplied by the biggest names in lure fishing including, ultimate fishing, sakura, lucky craft, IMA and Slug Go.

The guiding service is based on twenty years experience fishing this coast line and I think that the pictures speak for themselves. This service is suited to both the very experienced and the novice. For those just starting out there will lots of tips on lures etc and water craft info and always the chance of a clonker!!! That's why they call it fishing.

My aim is for you to have a really memorable days fishing, on what I consider to be some of the most beautiful and productive grounds our little country has to offer..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Lures

Have lots of smashing new lures in stock lads check them out on the link on the right hand side to the lure store.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week Ahead

So really looking forward to the week ahead, the posse from England will soon be en-route to Ireland and there should be some serious fun had by all. The forecast is not great but the Met have been wrong before and I always have a trick or two up my sleeve no matter what the wind is doing. Mr Henry Gilbey,his and our good friend Andy Bignel, Mr G Hill and family are all coming over for some serious bassing over the next week. So safe journey guys we are really looking forward to seeing you lads again and thrashing up and down the rocks chasing Irish silver even if the weather is a bit wild. Our last days summer rock fishing together was a truly awesome day out, it was wild, wet and filled with big bass on light gear what more could a man ask for. Oh and last but nort least Jess henry's dog who usually dose a better job on the rocks than any of us. One of my fond memories of jess is her swimming past me on the way out to a sand bar up to the top of our boots, sometimes she just has the advantage on us there is no doubt. Cant wait men, quality!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Lure Store "New Lure Blog"

Guys I have added a link to a new blog where you will be able to see some pics of the plugs I have in stock. It is under the blogs I am following section on the right hand side. I will be adding to this as the weeks go by. It is just a stop gap measure whilst my web site is under construction but it should help you in making your selection. You can then contact me by phone or e mail and I Will send you out a paypal request for whatever you choose. Thanks guys and tight lines.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

One Happy Customer.

Love this picture think it says it all about plugging for Bass. Once again as always, fish where returned un-harmed to the sea.

Zonk Gateride

OK so I have been talking to one or two people about new lures what's hot and what's not etc! And they where making a fuss about the Zonk Gateride and the new special lip. Well I'm not one for gimmicks but always have some faith in Megabass and I know the japanesse guys love this lure for their bass fishing. So really gave it a go this morning, I was guiding so I don't really fish very much at all when I am working i try to focus on my clients and get them fishing the marks, gullies, holes etc. So I was demonstrating casting over the gully with the Gateride on and bang hooked a stinker of a fish which turned and was gone. Recast the lure just to see was I right about the action on this thing and by god I was. I could be wrong but I think this lure is going to out fish everything else in it's class by a long shot.

So yes the bib is fussy and probably prone to breaking but hey if it nails fish like that then I for one don't really give a damn. Imagine the action of a diving lure that thunk thunk thunk on the rod tip but your lure is in the top three feet of water and you are close to what this lure does.

Time will tell and i need to fish it a lot more but I reckon this one is an out right bass buster! Had a call from a friend Pat this morning who just bought a red dragon and took it out first trip today. He hammered fish on a local mark, what a way to christen the new red rod! Well done Pat and I hope it brings you years of pleasure, I have yet to meet a more enthusiastic character! Quality!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Plastic Fishing

Had a few this morning on the plastics! Fishing a mark with a serious rip of current and it looked like there should be some fish there but I was having no success. I pulled back a bit from the water to try and read the flow. There was a sand bar with a gully dug out behind it by the current a perfect spot for Bass to hide in wait for prey! So up with the 6" mother worm in shrimp cast across the current drop the rod tip and let it bang back through the rip. Touch fishing as it goes, pluck pluck then bang lift into a nice fish about 3 lb. I repeated this five times over the next hour and them it was time for home. All in all a great mornings fishing and without doubt had I not had the plastics I would have come home fish-less. Best fish this morning was about 4.5lb not nad considering the fishing is tough at the minute with the un-settled weather.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

125 Sld

Have a look at this little peach, it's 125mm long, slim profile weighs just 14.5g and is slow floating. Slow floating means that once you jerk it then it slowly floats up to the surface inducing a Bass to hit it. The reason I got this into stock is that a whole stretch of coast that I fish is subject to murky, milky water conditions and I hoped this might be far more visible to the fish. The good news is that it is not just working for me but for a number of people I sold one to. I find this colour so good that I have order several other Tide Minnows in the same pattern, including the 145 Sld and the 90S.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Yellow Patchinko

Day Off

Had a day off today, so did my good mate and partner in fishing crime Cian, so plans where made, reels rinsed, lures picked and boxed, vans packed and hope where high. It was the first day of the bigger tides, we had a westerly that was gradually shifting south west and some sunshine. It looked good for a few fish. We where hitting a new mark so excitement was running high we knew this was capable of producing some awesome fishing. I had the trusty red rod as did Cian with a fly rod packed on his back. We got out to the water and Cian pointed and said bass attack, one flick of the red beauty and my yellow patchinko was in the thick of feeding fish, bang fish on, then drooped the beat of a heart and bang another fish on, unbelievable. Fish caught photographed and released un-harmed, then Cian got the fly rod out. I think he made four casts before I heard a yelp and saw his rod buckle over into another fine Irish bass. All in all a class days fishing, what a way to spend time with your mates. In total we had twelve this morning with no fish under 3lb and the biggest about 6lb. All my fish where taken on the yellow patchinko a truly awesome surface lure, Cian had one on the fly and the rest on the Feed Shallow another absolute dynamite lure. Both these lures are currently in stock so drop me a line or give me a ring on 087 7403445.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Xlayer Gurnard!

Here is something you don't see every day! I caught this on an xlayer, I have caught lots of Gurnard over the years but this is a first on a Lure! Absolutely delighted with it! The challenge may be to find a fish that wont take the xalyer. So far that is bass, wrasse, mullet, sea trout and Gurnard! Not bad for a bit of high-tec plastic.

Bass & Gurnard??????

So myself and Pauley Big Fish as he is now affectionately known headed out this morning to catch the ebbing tide. Water was nice and clear weed died off a bit with a slight westerly, reasonably warm, it felt right despite the small tide! We had some fantastic sport taking twelve fish in a hour and a half including a double hook pictured. All fish fell once again to the sinking tide minnow, then home for a feed of Rashers! Life is good! Tight Lines!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hazedong & Xlayer

So a quick look at some soft palstics that have just come into stock the new Hazedong and the old trust worthy Xlayer. Both palstics are rigged on the bachi head which is the ultimate head for finesse plastic fishing. Really to appreciate just how good these baits are you hae to see them in the water, whilst in jersey myself Cian and Paul where messing about on the dock with a Haze dong on an off set weighted texposer head some small pollock decided they wanted to make friendly with it, unbelievable, they have a fluid subtle motion in the water that is incredibly life like. The French lads swear by these when the bass refuse the Xlayer, if the last couple of weeks have reaffirmed anything for me it is that bass are not always switched on, we saw numbers and i mean numbers of fish over the last big tide but they would not hit our lures whilst on a certain mark. It is at times like this that an ultra realistic bait like the Hazeong would come into it's own.

Having done a lot of fly fishing over the years this new finesse plastic fishing is as close as it gets to fly fishing, the lure presentation is so similar. Indeed it seems that in France there is a huge crossover between fly guys who have gotten into and been completely turned on by finesse plastic fishing. There is a whole range of specialist kit for this type of fishing, I am waiting for the new Injection rods to arrive, not so patiently I might add. I am ridiculously over excited about them at this stage and not sure how much more I can stand. Can you imagine hooking a 6lb bass in shallow water on a 7 2" rod with 15lb braid and 2500 twin power, now that's fishing!

This type of fishing however is available to all lure anglers whilst the above kit might add to the experience and lend itself to better presentation it is not essential, in fact I watched Mr G Hill fish plastics all last winter on a Red Dragon and Hammer some stonking big bass I might add.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Catch & Release

Here is one of Paul looking after his latest capture. It would never enter any of our minds to hram these beautiful creatures. We return them back to the sea to live and fingers crossed fight another day. What a fish for july once again well done Pauley on a cracking result.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Clonker

Here is the fish described below, I know this is Paul's best bass to date indeed this is a fish of a life time by anyone's standrads. An absolute cracker, well done again Paul, I know no one who has worked harder to get results.

Tough Conditions

On Wednesday night Tom managed to find the fish pictured, the wind was NW, it was cold and a lot of weed in the water. In short very difficult conditions so well done Tom. Again the Patchinko did the business.

Fishing has been difficult, I have been in touch with anglers and indeed fished from west Waterford to South Wexford over the last few days and found it hard to catch. I have seen a lot of fish but they are just not in a taking mood and conditions have been against us. However we have managed to find some quality fish today. The clonker pictured was taken this morning by Paul, so a big well done to him. Paul is one of my fishing buddies and let me tell you this guy has invested his time and money into catching this marvelous creature. I know he is still smiling from ear to ear, the fish fought really hard making long runs, staying deep testing Paul's Rod Bar 270 which preformed extremely well. So despite the hard fishing we have still managed to find some quality fish, we moved after getting this fish to another mark, which started to fish just on the turn of the tide.

A couple of bumps on the lure but no hook up, which points to the kind of mood the fish are in they are only half heartedly taking the lure. Then bang I had a good fish on, it fought well and was just within reach when the hooks pulled. i saw the fish and it was some where around the 6-7lb mark. Arthur had a nice fish about the 4lb mark and then I finished with an accidentally foul hooked Mullet that went like a bone fish across the shallows.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One For Spitty

Fishing has been extremely tough, everyone I talk to is struggling to catch on lures in the south east. Some people have done ok but in general things have been hard. Spitty knocked one on the surface tonight though and the Patchinko did the business. Well done mate as the fishing really is tough at the mo so one off the top is a bonus. It looks like it should improve tomorrow and certainly be better by Friday when the wind is due to shift into the south. I know other guides have been struggling to catch so it ain't so bad but you have to go the extra mile to help people get a fish or two so I really hope that things pick up tomorrow. I think the fishing is poor because the temperature is well below average for the time of year as the wind is in the north west. Add to this dirty water and lots of weed and what you have is a fishing nightmare. I will post a couple of pics later.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tough Start For The Spitfire!

Well we made a go of it at first light this morning but things where racked up against us from the get go. Wexford is un-fishable at the minute so we headed west in search of clean water. Tom was in good form and hopes where high. We fished a mark that just screams Bass! But the gutters where dirty and confidence began to die as the rain came down in buckets. So up the cliff and another move further west and bingo water and ground that looks like a mini version of Jersey, this just produced one follow for Paul and that was that. After watching some huge mullet in the margins we headed for home to re-group and make plans for a dusk assault. Fingers crossed Spit will get hit tonight! In the mean time a couple of young lads from wales, hussbusta(Dan) and his mate Biffa have been on to me they are in Wexford surrounded by dirty water and someone has steeped on their rod while they slept so I have them on the way down here to fish with us and borrow a rod off me! You just have to love the determination of these young lads, they are mad for an Irish bass. These guys are the future of our sport and to my mind the future is bright if you judge it from their dedication and enthusiasm for bass plugging!

Have to say Tom (Spitfire) is a smashing bloke his enthusiasm for bass fishing is infectious, so we are off again this evening to see if we can bag one on the evening tide as the dusk comes in. He had a tough trip to Wales early in the year where the weather was agaisnt him the whole trip so we will fish our socks off this week to make up for it. The tide is building from today and the long range is reasonably good so on we go.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Catch & Release

First of the Summer Double's

So my good buddy and long time fishing pal Cian has nailed a stinker of a fish this morning, we made an early start, at stupid o'clock (3am) to catch the ebbing tide. The tide is small at the moment but we have found in the past that if you put in the hours you wont catch numbers but there is always a chance at a stinker like this one. My hat is off to Cian this morning great job, he read the water right and moved to where he felt the fish would be as the tide slackened and he was bang on. This monster took right at his feet, it butted the lure and Cian thought he had missed the fish but he came back for another go. At first it looked like he was into a normal 4-5lb fish but then the fish caught sight of me avec boga in the water and decided to show Cian who the boss was. Needless top say Cian came out on top and what a cracking fish. We got this chap un-hooked then straight back into the water to let him breath, then up for a couple of quick pictures and returned unharmed to harass sand eels for the rest of the day! Well done Cian on a smashing fish, you put the hours in for this one fair play. Worthy of mention that Cian's wife to be, Ms Amy white is a cracking lure picker, not sure if she picked the winner this time but chances are! Quality on the breakfast as well "you're the best in your game."

Friday, July 3, 2009

Catch & Release

Both these fish where properly revived and went back to the sea in top condition. It takes very little effort and just a small bit of kit to ensure the safety and survival of these beautiful creatures.

Last Minute

A last minute decision to do a bit of fishing late last night has paid off in the shape of five bars of silver. It was one of the smallest tides of the month but conditions where good. We had a south/southwest breeze putting a bit of fizz on top, muggy heat and clear water, you just got to fish in that and damn the tide. So Paul opened the play with a nice Pollock of about 3lb's followed by a bass about the same weight. The bass where all very darkly coloured along the back, pure rock and kelp fish. We finished out with five Bass biggest about 4lb's and three Pollock biggest about 3lb's, all fish where returned unharmed and just a little wiser to the sea. Next time they will double take those plugs as they go past!

My USB for the camera has disappeared so I am off to town to get a new one soon as it is sorted I will post few pics. Tackle news worth mentioning is I am using the new lure bag from ultimate and I have to say it is awesome, far batter than anything else I have used. Comfortable, spacious, sturdy and highly functional. You can get all your bits and Bob's on this little beauty, boga, pliers, water bottle and loads of lure space (they stay in their boxes).